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你厌倦了所有那些相同的赛车游戏。你知道我说的是什么,超级无聊到让人睡着的游戏。想象一下,你的生活骑自行车比赛游戏。你几乎可以感觉到风在你的头发,太阳在你的背部和宽敞的道路。没有人,只有你和道路,还有一个可爱的女孩在后面。好吧,我可能说得有点多,但我说的是实话。所有人都把他们的脏东西都丢向你,但你是摩托车手,你必须设法逃脱攻击同时不要忘了收集现金。游戏到后面变得越来越刺激。 Are you sick and tired of all those same Ole same Ole racing games. You know what I am talking about, super boring fall asleep no good games. Imagine riding the bike race game of your life. You can almost feel the wind in your hair, the sun in your back and the wide open road. There is no one, but you and the road and a cute girl on the back of course. Well its gets’ even better the road never ends and the sun is always bright. Hah, I know what you are thinking “this guy is full of it.” Well I may be full of it, but I am telling the truth. It even gets superior; you get an incoming exciting traffic on demand. All these people throw all their little dirty tricks at you, but you are the bike master and manage to escape all traps. The ride is getting more and more exciting. On top of that every time you manage to go around a tight traffic situation, that girl on the back gets to pick up loads of cash and keep it warm and nice for you. So life can’t get any better. Expensive bikes girls on the back and wads of cash. It doesn’t have to be all boring country road ride. You get on the excitement and goaww… But I can here you asking a valid question “wait, what happened to the girl on the back of my bike” Well that’s the beauty of it. You can drop the girl as soon as you get in to wrong way traffic type excitement “you know we don’t want to get the girls scared or they may never jump on your bike again” and then you pick her right up. So here you are free as a bird driving and having all the fun in the world. Well sometimes having too much fun ends “upside down.” You get in to a head on collision and “yes you are correct you are dead as a door nail.” But wait, something almost magical is happening, you push few buttons, your bike gets all put back together by itself and you are back on the road. It’s even a better day, you got all your biking buddies around you, the rock music is loud and the miles are flying behind your back. You are completely free there is no boss to tell you what to do, in a matter of fact you punched you boss the eff off, just before you jumped on the road. No boss, no worries, no concerns. However there is a problem. Something was wrong. You can tell that the bike didn’t feel very real and the noise of the bike was not as loud as usual. In a matter of fact it didn’t even feel like you are dressed up as a biker and the boots were not very heavy. AND THEN YOU WOKE UP. I mean like waking up in bed. This was a horrible moment, “why did the dream had to end” And why the stupid alarm clock. You linger for while and try to get back in to the pretty dream, but no…”It can’t be this dream couldn’t be ending like that!” You can still feel the road under you like every little bump and hit, but it was kind of artificial and unreal. The wind is stroking your hair, but somehow you don’t really feel it. You turn behind your back to look for the girl; the spot was empty and cold with no shadow of the girl to be found. And then it was all over, like at the end of the action thriller. The snooze alarm took its last final tall on you and somehow this felt so real. Like a little obedient drone you picked up your stuff and got ready to fight 2 hours traffic to the really dreaded JOB. So, I know it’s hard. It’s hard to wake up from a dram like that and lose it all in a matter of seconds. I also know, creating your own reality is hard and most of all requires something and it’s that dirty word called “work.” So I decided to put an end of your misery and to create your own reality. Sit back and relax. Ride the bike of your dreams with the girls of your dreams in the back. So you have a choice. Keep living your miserable existence and go to your job day after day until you are too old to ride a bike and the girls will no longer favor you. Or you can punch few buttons and buy this game and arrive at your new “biker reality. “ And I know you need this reality pretty bad… like yesterday! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE![1]